the old city of Jerusalem is an interesting place to visit.We have these arches and narrow passages,still a taxi can pass through
The arch on the way to the old city

I never ever dreamt that one day I would visit Jerusalem. In September-October 2017, I was invited to Israel as the curator of the Indian section of the 3rd Jerusalem Biennale.

The small city of Jerusalem holds many wonders in its fold.You can explore the city with its museums,open cafe,music and cultural events or you can go to the old city of Jerusalem which has its own quint charms.The old city has three distinct quarters of Christian,Jewish and Muslim ,apart from the Armenian quarters also.

this is the entrance to the old city from Jaffa gate.there r three quarters
entrance to the old city

Well, talking of Jerusalem,to begin with, I took the flight to Tel Aviv via Moscow. I landed in Tel Aviv and came outside the airport to take the shuttle taxi service to Jerusalem. These buses are called sherut. Very friendly people. So, off I went in that bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The view outside was stunning with palm trees lined on the way. By 8 p.m.I reached my hotel where a friend was waiting for me in the lobby. I checked in and she showed me everything inside the room including how to open and close the door. Things were quite new to me and if she had not helped me, I would have been lost. Since I had had my dinner on the plane itself, I said goodnight to her and then went to bed.

The next day, there was a lot of work to do in connection with the exhibition. The day after that, it was a religious holiday in Jerusalem and so no work. But I went to the old city of Jerusalem and walked around.

western wall,jerusalem

Well, folks, next day, I visited the western wall with some Jewish artists friends. The place was calm and serene. Although I do not know much about its significance, I can understand its importance to others for whom it matters. There were separate enclosures for men and women. We spend some time there, then moved on. Nearby was the Western Cardo, which is the remains of a magnificent main road from the Roman-Byzantine period.Today it is a major through fare for shopping. From here, the others dispersed for lunch and I headed back to the hotel.

The next day, of course, I ventured out on my own to the old city passing through the Malala Mall. Outside the shops, you can see many artworks kept outside for sale.

entrance to the church of the holy sepulchre,old city,Jerusalem
entrance to church of holy sepulchre, jerusalem

I started walking towards the Christian quarters. The first thing one visits is, of course, the Holy Sepulcher Church. Here, it is believed, Jesus Christ was crucified and his tomb is also there.Rest I will post in my next blog